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General Information


La Porte is one mile above sea level and lies in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Snow belt. In the summer it is a secluded cool retreat from the Sacramento Valley heat. In the winter it is a winter wonderland of snow activities only 60 miles from Yuba City. Once snow has fallen the road from Quincy to La Porte is closed and normally opens by Memorial Day Weekend. It snows anytime from Halloween on thru the end of May. Please check weather conditions. 5 to 7 months of the year La Porte is only accessed from the south. After snow falls La Porte is the END of the road . The only winter way to Quincy is via skis or snowmobile!! Between Clipper Mills and Strawberry Valley is the Historic Sopher Wheeler Lumber Company on the left. It is a well marked group of large metal structures and a two story office building. This area is where cell phones normally operate and likely the last dependable wireless service you will find. Directly after Sopher Wheeler Company are two of the sharpest and poorly banked turns on the La Porte Road. La Porte is twenty minutes ahead. La Porte has a Fire Department, general store, gas pumps, restaurant, deli, Saloon and rental units. There is no diesel fuel in La Porte.


From Marysville, CA (Central and Southern CA)


Drive to Marysville CA via Hwy 20, Hwy 70 or Hwy 99 . Drive on HWY 20 East, towards Grass Valley/Nevada City from Marysville.


After TWELVE (12) miles turn Left at the Browns Valley, La Porte turn. There is a large fuel station/Convenience store at the corner of Hwy 20 and La Porte Road. If your fuel tank is below ½ get fuel now. If you reach Smartville on Hwy 20 you have gone too far and must turn around. This is the last diesel supply.


Proceed 47 miles to La Porte. You will pass thru Browns Valley, Willowglen, Brownsville, Woodleaf, Challenge, Clipper Mills, Strawberry Valley, then La Porte.


From Reno, CA (Northeast CA)


Go North on Hwy 395 from Reno to Hwy 70.


Turn left on Hwy 70. Proceed to East Quincy and turn left on the La Porte road. If you enter the town of Quincy you have gone too far and must go back. La Porte is 30 miles from East Quincy . Unless you know the area, DO NOT take the Johnsville road. It is gravel and deceptive!!


** DURING THE WINTER take Hwy 80 West from Reno and exit at Hwy 20 towards Grass Valley/Nevada City. Follow Hwy 20 thru Nevada City towards Marysville. Turn RIGHT towards Browns Valley/La Porte. Proceed 47 miles to La Porte. There is a large fuel station/convenience store at the corner of Hwy 20 and the La Porte Road. This is the last diesel fuel supply.. If your fuel is less than ½ tank please refuel. If you reach Hallwood on Hwy 20 you have gone too far and must turn around.


The La Porte Cabins office is located between the General store and Reilly’s Saloon and Café at 1835 Pike Road. This is the corner of Pike Road and Main St. If the office is closed use the pay phone at the General store or go to Reilly’s for assistance.


Normally cabin access is arranged before you arrive.


The office (530) 675-0850.


Reilly’s phone (530) 675-2359.


Cellular phones do not operate in La Porte.





1835 Pike Road

La Porte, CA 95891

(916) 300-6681

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